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Feza Yarns dates back to 1950’s when their current president Emre Koc’s grandfather started the company. It quickly became and remained the most recognized yarn brand in Turkey.  American knitters were introduced to Feza in 2004 and have been enjoying the quality and distinctive yarns they offer ever since. Their passion is combining luxury, soft fibers, amazing colors and offering yarn lovers something they have never seen before.
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Feza Alp Dazzle

$16.50 $33.00

Feza Alp Light

$15.75 $31.50

Feza Alp Natural


Feza Alp Premier

$16.50 $33.00

Feza Alp Royale


Feza Nico


Feza Viva Glitz


Urth/Feza Uneek